Be part of the 20 percent who achieve their goals of happiness and healthiness. (Photo:, StockSnap)

Next month, those of us who work in the health industry will see a huge uptick of folks who want to get healthy—whatever that may look like to them—in 2018. The first couple of months of the year will be spent giving advice and recommending products to those folks.

But, sadly, we’ll only see about 20 percent of them after the first two or three months of the year. Making a long-lasting change is hard work, and not something that many people truly commit to.

What’s the key to getting the willpower to be in the 20 percent? Talk to an expert, said Ed Jones, owner of Nutrition World.

“A health store can motivate people seeking guidance on the complex journey to health,” Jones said. “Sticking to your goals equates to a better appearance, more energy and healthy aging.”

Obviously people resolve to lose weight, but other health-related resolutions are popular, too—and all related, in some ways. Improving blood work results, getting better skin, seeking healthy digestion, and achieving less pain and inflammation are all common goals.

Exercise is one goal that can help in many of these areas. “Sitting is the new smoking” is a common mantra in the health industry, as studies are increasingly showing how bad it is for our bodies to stay stationary for many hours a day.

“I personally never go more than two days without exercise,” Jones said. “We will rust out long before we wear out—all pilots know that airplanes fall apart faster when left unused and parked on the ground. The same applies to the human body.”

Supplementation is another area that can help achieve many health goals, from weight loss to better skin.

“The only way to age gracefully, lessen disease and look our best is the right combination of healthy foods, exercise and nutritional supplementation,” Jones said. “The quick list of important supplements includes vitamin D, curcumin, vitamin C, omega 3, methylfolate, vitamin K and a whole food multiple.”

Jones addresses supplementation with more depth in his e-book “Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired.”

But—and this is no surprise to anyone—weight loss is the No. 1 weight loss resolution, and also the most necessary goal anyone struggling with obesity needs to achieve. Obesity is an epidemic in this country and could bankrupt the health care system.

“The best-kept secret to weight loss is that simply eating less is not an efficient or wise method to lose weight,” Jones said. “Changing the chemistry of the body is the key to long-term success. We have a strong loyalty to be a partner on an individual’s journey to health, and this means we help them make wise decisions related to food and weight—which helps maintain enthusiasm for sticking to a plan.”

For instance, Jones recommends stocking your kitchen with plenty of health foods and getting rid of anything that’s junk. If you’re hungry and it’s available, you’ll eat it, he said. He recommends organic blueberries, low-sugar yogurt, raw nuts and healthy food bars as staples to always have on hand for snacking, and he said to never leave home without a stockpile of options—or the glowing lights of a fast-food restaurant will look too tempting.

There’s more to weight loss than the number on the scale. A body fat machine called a SECA, available at Nutrition World, helps individuals monitor fat loss and, according to Jones, maintain enthusiasm for their journey to health (for instance, sometimes the scale at home says you have gained weight if you increase your workout regimen because you’ve gained muscle, which weighs more).

Ideal Protein is Jones’ No. 1 diet recommendation. The diet is based on assisting individuals to stay in ketosis, which is when the body is burning fat for fuel instead of carbs. The diet has a 95 percent success rate, and Nutrition World is Chattanooga’s only Ideal Protein diet specialist.

Cady Jones is co-owner of Nutrition World, which opened in 1979 with the priority of offering Chattanooga’s best selection of health products that meet high standards for quality. 

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