Genette Raborn, an Ideal Protein coach at Nutrition World, has lost significant weight following the diet. (Photos: Nutrition World)

There are plenty of diets you can choose from to achieve your weight loss goals this year. You’ve probably heard of Atkins, South Beach and packaged food diets such as Nutrisystem, but one you may not have heard of that’s extremely likely to help you take the pounds off is called the Ideal Protein diet.

Genette’s daughter, Genna Raborn, has also had great success with this plan. (Photos: Nutrition World)

Like many other diets, Ideal Protein is a low-carb plan, but what sets it apart is the ketogenic aspect, which helps reset the body’s pancreas function. Why this is important is because the pancreas is the organ of the body that plays the biggest role in blood sugar metabolism through its production of insulin.

When we eat carbohydrates, the molecules are broken down into sugar and absorbed in the bloodstream, and as a result, our pancreas releases insulin to bring the body’s blood sugar back down. So after chronic sugar/carbohydrate consumption for many years—coupled with chronic stress and the meals we miss as a result—the pancreas’ process becomes faulty. This results in weight gain and the related symptoms/results: diabetes, hypertension, hypoglycemia and more.

By eating the foods and meals of the Ideal Protein diet, the pancreas is able to rest, rehabilitate and regain its function, which allows for incredible fat loss. The system is easy to follow, scientifically backed and time-tested. At Nutrition World alone—the only Ideal Protein diet specialist in Chattanooga—we have seen over 1,000 dieters in the past nine years and a 95 percent success rate.

We have trained coaches on staff who walk dieters through the program until their weight loss or health goals are achieved. In the first session, the coach will tell the participant what foods to eat, which ones to avoid and what to buy to help fit the protocol. Participants come in weekly to get a body fat read, discuss concerns and questions, and pick out food for the following week. Once the goal is achieved, the coach will continue to meet with the client about maintaining the goal. Ultimately, we want the dieter to feel they have the tools needed to maintain their weight for life.

Nutrition World partners with Dr. Brett Wheatcroft and Circle of Life Family Medicine as part of the requirements to be Ideal Protein-specialized. All the coaches have been trained either via training in Atlanta or by serving as a job apprentice under another coach. Our coaches have lost a combined 150-plus pounds through Ideal Protein, including 45 pounds from one coach alone.

We also have a state-of-the-art machine on-site called SECA that measures body fat, muscle mass, hydration, weight and more. Numbers don’t lie, so the dieter can see beyond a shadow of a doubt how successful the diet is.

People think they know the rights and wrongs of dieting, and they probably do know a good amount. However, we see over and over again people who think they are eating the right things—but their weight isn’t coming off because the foods aren’t allowing their blood sugar to come down. We adhere to the theory that weight loss’ No. 1 requirement is not eating less, but changing the body’s chemistry.  The beauty of Ideal Protein is it takes the guesswork and questioning out of dieting. The protocol is simple to follow, and the coaches help clients stay motivated—which is very sincere coming from them, as they’ve all been in the dieters’ shoes.

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