Mr. Philly may be closing by the end of January or mid-February. (Photo: Staff)

A local restaurant is planning to close soon.

Mr. Philly owner Nelson Gonzalez said he’s closing the store because of the lack of business, which he attributes to the restaurant’s location in a neighborhood with an unsafe reputation.

“The news media [makes] it look bad,” he said. “But it’s not that bad. The people who don’t know the area don’t come here, and that kills us.”


Gonzalez said he’s able to attribute the slow business to the location because of the positive Yelp reviews the restaurant has received. He also said that Mr. Philly receives little business from the apartment complex across the street.

Mr. Philly has been in Chattanooga for about two years. (Photo: Staff)

“We only get about 1 percent of the business from right across the street from us,” he said.

It’s likely he will close the restaurant either at the end of January or in mid-February, he said.

However, he is looking to start a food truck this spring that will sell the same food.

Mr. Philly, located at 2701 Fourth Ave., serves mostly Italian-style food, such as pizzas, strombolis and calzones, but also offers hot wings and Philly cheesesteaks.

Gonzalez said he has also toyed with the idea of opening in a new space but has no firm plans for doing so yet.

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