Police looked into complaints about an area student’s Instagram post. 

After getting multiple calls of concern, East Ridge police said they don’t see any reason to be worried about a teen’s social media post.

This is the news release police sent out:

On Feb. 17, East Ridge Police were contacted by multiple students and parents of East Ridge High School about a fellow student’s Instagram post they perceived as threatening in nature. 


Contact was made with the student at his residence. The student advised his post was in no way meant to be threatening and was meant to show support for the Second Amendment of the Constitution.  

The student was apologetic his statements had been misconstrued, but understanding of how his comments could be taken out of context due to recent unfolding national events.

[East Ridge Police Department] believes that no credible threat currently exists from this situation.

ERPD, [Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office] and [Hamilton County Department of Education] will follow up with the student when school resumes.