The shooting in Parkland, Florida has prompted many to speak out about gun laws. (Photo: MGNOnline)

Local pastors and parents Clay Thomas and Laura Becker are organizing a meeting to help local students organize in response to “the epidemic of mass shootings.”

The meeting is Feb. 25 from 3 to 5 p.m. at 901 Lindsay Street.

Below are the details that organizers sent out.

Description: This event is for student leaders passionate about taking action in response to the epidemic of mass shootings in schools and in our community. The purpose of the meeting is for students in the greater Chattanooga area to organize and coordinate with one another. Two events the students will consider are National Walk-out (3/14) and the “March for Our Lives” (3/24). Ideally, every high school in Hamilton County will be represented by a few student leaders and educators.

Students: Please reach out to students at other schools to increase the scope of the actions you will be planning.

Educators: Your attendance is most welcome. Please identify a few student leaders at your school and encourage them to attend. We understand there are constraints on your level of participation due to employment but hope you are able to come and support the students.

Parents/guardians: Your attendance is most welcome and support needed. There will be plenty of logistical work once our youth decide how to move forward

Sign-up: Registration is not required, but it is much appreciated. To sign up, please join the Facebook group “Chattanooga Leading Change” and click “going” to the “Student Leaders Organize” event.

Host: Clay Thomas and Laura Becker. We are local pastors and parents. We understand our role as logistical support. We have been meeting with students, teachers, clergy, and activist over the last few days.  This meeting is simply to create space for the students to work together.