Some Signal Mountain residents want the town’s water system controlled by the Walden Ridge Utility District. (Photo: Max Pixel, MGNOnline)

A group of Signal Mountain citizens is urging the town to sell its water system to Walden’s Ridge Utility District instead of  Tennessee American Water Company.

The local group formed the “Be Vocal. Choose Local” initiative after the town put out a request for proposals for the acquisition of its water department, according to a news release.

Co-chairperson for the initiative Dave Evans said he has concerns about Tennessee American Water’s quality.

The other co-founder  Eugenia Allderdice said that other towns, such as Walden, have opted to work with other utilities, and said  Signal Mountain residents should consider doing the same, according to a news release.

Tennessee American Water officials sent out this statement on the issue. 

Tennessee American Water Company has replied to the Request for Proposals (RFP) related to the water system for the Town of Signal Mountain.

Tennessee American, which has provided quality water for Signal Mountain since 1925**, is interested in owning and operating the Town’s water system.

As Signal Mountain officials review the responses, we know their decision will be in the best interest of customers to assure reliable, safe and affordable water.

Tennessee American Water has provided water in Hamilton County for over 130 years.  We have an award-winning facility and a strategic approach for replacement of pipes, fire hydrants and other assets to address aging infrastructure through the use of new technologies.

**The Town does not have its own resource of water (reliable springs or plentiful surface water) and has contracted since 1925 with Tennessee American Water to provide the drinking water for residents.