Lemon pepper wings from Wings Town. (Photo: Staff)

This week, I visited Wings Town at 1805 E. 23rd St., a brand-new, fast-casual, hyphenated-word worthy restaurant near Bojangles and O’Reilly Auto Parts. Monica did not join me on my trip to Wings Town. She was in Asheville, North Carolina on a bachelorette trip to celebrate our upcoming nuptials. I stayed home and ate like a stoned teenager all weekend, including this visit to Wings Town.

Wings Town is a concept. Owner Andrew Kim, an Atlanta entrepreneur, recently moved to Chattanooga and opened the new restaurant along with a business partner. According to a Nooga.com article about, Kim is also in the entertainment business and would like to “work with local artists, possibly shooting music videos at the eatery.” My acoustic ballad, “Choke Choke, Chicken Bone” is a song I’ve always felt would be enhanced by a restaurant music video. Soon, Andrew.

Did I survive my visit to Wings Town? Of course, I did. That was a dumb question.


I visited Wings Town on Saturday afternoon at about 12:30 p.m. The restaurant was moderately busy and more people came in when I was dining. All orders are placed fast-food style at the counter. The wings are a separate concept from the other menu items: fish, Philly subs, “shrimps” and burgers. A total of 14 combos include fries and a fountain drink. I usually order a combo because I like to eat fries with my wings, but Wings Town also makes it easy to order plenty of wings without the extra stuff. You can also mix and match flavors (per a handful of wings), which is something I’ve only seen at Buffalo Wild Wings.

And those flavors! Hot teriyaki, Cajun, Sweet Chili, Ranch, Teriyaki, Lemon Pepper and “plain.” There are about 20 flavor options for wings and they all sound interesting. I’ve never had Ranch wings before, but I wonder if it’s like Cool Ranch Doritos or closer to the Hidden Valley Ranch dressing flavor? What would ranch and honey be like together? The recipes are endless.

Kim told us that he also wanted to experiment with other items on the menu. If successful, those items will become the seeds for other chains of restaurants. He mentioned lamb dishes or an “improved take on a chicken recipe.” Regardless, Wings Town will serve as a sort of test kitchen with interesting flavors popping up all the time.

The workers were lively and seemed to be enjoying themselves. I stood in line for a few minutes and the crew was busy preparing orders. Wings are my favorite food, so being inside a place called Wings Town is like a Maldives vacation for me. Put me under the glorious light of a backlit menu of wings and I’ll order 10 of them with fries and a fountain drink.

Are you a flats or drumsticks person? (Photo: Staff)

The Wings
Wings are either good or exceptional. I haven’t had a bad wing anywhere, but there are aspects (to me) that make a good wing stand out. First, the Hoff Sauce wings at The Feed Co. are complex, slightly spicy and crunchy. They are the Versace of wings. A place like Heavenly Wings (another favorite) is a workhorse, everyday kind of a wing. I would put the lemon pepper wings at Heavenly Wings up against any Lemon Pepper variety in town. We’ll call Heavenly Wings the J. Crew of wings: not cheap, but you get what you pay for and every penny is worth it.

Wings Town is located at 1805 E. 23rd St. (Photo: Staff)

Wings Town wings are like GAP or Old Navy. We all own several items from these stores—primarily, my underwear consists exclusively of GAP boxer-briefs—but these items will never be more than you expected. That doesn’t make them bad, at all, because utilitarian qualities are admirable. If all of my clothing were from GAP it would be fine, but I would also know that I was missing out on something more.

That concludes my lengthy comparison of wings and clothing brands.

I enjoyed the hell out of my 10 lemon pepper wings. The lady at the counter sprinkled seasoning salt on my fries and I mixed sweet tea and water for my own half/half drink. The weather was nice, so I ate at a small table in the sunshine under a window. The seasoning was good as was the blue cheese dipping sauce. The fries were standard, but the Lawry’s seasoning added a good flavor. I was in and out in about 30-minutes and off to the next bout of gluttony while the lady was away.

Would I go back?
Wings Town has its perks: it’s convenient to downtown and the wings are cheaper than most places and better than those awful American Wings chains. I also appreciate the willingness to shake things up from the owner’s standpoint. I can walk in and order BBQ, Ranch, Garlic Pepper wings mixed up in a bowl and they would give them to me. The restaurant also serves whole wings and boneless wings. I’ll definitely be back. Maybe I’ll make a shopping day of it and visit Wings Town and Old Navy.

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