Donnie Marsh hosts Chatt Talk Tonight. (Photo: Ross Bartels)

A new show called Chatt Talk Tonight debuts at the Palace Theater on Thursday night.

Starring host Donnie Marsh, the show will follow in the tradition of “Conan” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” but with a focus on Chattanooga.

Admission is $5. Doors open at 8 p.m. and the show is at 9 p.m.


Marsh said the format will be familiar to fans of late-night talk shows—special guests, monologues and comedy—although some elements will be a surprise. He said the show will contain traces of  the “surreal and supernatural.”

“Surprisingly, despite my elevated status the last few years as both an open mic comedian and Chattanooga’s reigning window cleaning tycoon, I actually know very few massive Hollywood celebrities,” Marsh said. “Therefore, I decided to incorporate time travel into the show, padding the guest list with humans and other beings from the past and future.”

Future guests include—among others—a rat from the Black Plague, Eleanor Roosevelt and Xardon, the eventual conqueror of Earth. Marsh said the first show will feature a visit from the Old Testament God, blues-singer Robert Johnson (who allegedly sold his soul to the devil to learn guitar), and an appearance by The Devil himself.

“You can bet I will give that rascal Satan a real talking-to,” he said. “It is long overdue, frankly.”

Comedian Elijah Craan will also perform a short stand-up set during the show.

Some elements of the show are scripted and others will be improvised, much like a typical late night show. Audiences can expect the show to last about an hour.

“It should be a silly, irreverent good time with lots of laughs,” Marsh said. “If it is not, I certainly didn’t know it would be that way.”

The Palace Theater is located at 818 Georgia Ave.

Chatt Talk Tonight joins other monthly showcases Cut-Throat Comedy and Once a Month at the Palace Theater.