The St. George Hotel at 1445 Market St. is among Cornerstones’ “Properties in peril.” (Photo: Staff)

In honor of National Historic Preservation Month, the city’s only local historic preservation nonprofit has released their annual list of endangered properties.

Cornerstones Inc., led by Executive Director Ann Gray, seeks to “promote the importance of restoring the buildings of our past for today’s use while bringing together the resources required to effect such change.”

In an effort to create awareness, Gray has compiled a list of historically and architecturally significant Chattanooga properties. Those properties range from “endangered,” meaning in stable condition but not currently in use, to “in peril,” which are at risk because of the severity of deterioration.


A complete list of properties in peril is available here.

Properties in peril

  • St. George Hotel, 1445 Market St.
  • Ellis Restaurant, 1443 Market St.
  • Levin Brothers Building, 100 E. Main St.
  • Tadley Building, 430 E. Martin Luther King Blvd.

Endangered properties

  • Brown’s Tavern, 703 Browns Ferry Road
  • Engel Stadium, 1130 E. Third St.
  • Jazzy Furniture Building, 619 Market St.
  • Burchay Building, 817 Market St.
  • Industrial YMCA, 1517 Mitchell St.
  • 1612 Cowart St.
  • Chuck’s, 27 W Main St.

Cornerstones also played an integral role in the preservation of several buildings recently: