Friday, July 25, 2014 · 2:43 a.m.


Reader: Retain Justice Sharon Lee

Please join me in voting to retain Justice Sharon Lee for the Tennessee Supreme Court. ...

CARTA Diaries: When I'm alone with you

Forget "Easy Like Sunday Morning" or "Mambo No. 5"—Lionel Richie and Lou Bega have clearly never taken the CARTA No. 4 at 1:45 on a Monday afternoon ...

Betternooga: Flying the super-friendly skies

Rare is the employee who is unfriendly or unhelpful. Rare, too, is the employee who appears to deal in a swift, businesslike manner. ...

Barker Clan Diaries: That moment

As a parent, your kid is the best-looking one ever created—no matter if your genes resemble if a Sasquatch and a pizza made an offspring, you think your child should win the Ms. Universe pageant. ...

The irresponsibility of not asking questions

Last week, I found out how much feedback a writer can get when directing pointed questions at a local politician. ...
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