Volkswagen employees who created the No2UAW site have added an online petition. 

The website popped up soon after a United Auto Workers leader said that a majority of Volkswagen employees signed cards in support of union representation. 

VW employees created this image along with the No2UAW website. (Image: Contributed)

Employees told the site is meant to educate workers on the issue. 

The website encourages VW employees to sign the petition, which reads, "The undersigned employees do NOT want to be represented by the United Auto Workers, do NOT want to join the UAW and do NOT support the UAW in any manner." 

And the site also encourages people who didn't sign a card to sign the petition.

It says that the petition achieves two or three things—neutralizes any card signed in support of the UAW; states explicitly that employees don't want to be represented by the UAW; and serves as an endorsement for the decertification election, in case the UAW does become a bargaining representative. 

UAW officials said that they have support for a union from the majority of local Volkswagen workers. That claim asserted backlash from some politicians, local business leaders and workers. 

Then, Volkswagen leaders said they are only in beginning discussions and that dialogue will likely go on into the next year. 

Click here and here for more background on the VW-UAW unionization issue. 

Accessed: Friday, June 23rd 2017