Sponsored Content

From time to time we partner with local individuals or organizations to create what we call sponsored content. This type of content is always clearly labeled above the headline on content pages and before posts on our social media accounts. The content identifies the author and any affiliation with the sponsor organization. We only approve content that we believe will provide value to our audience.

Sponsored content is intended to be generally educational and informational in nature and doesn’t allow promoting a specific product or service within the content text. The sponsor organization may promote products or services in the traditional display ad spots located in the header and sidebars of the site.

In most cases sponsored content is created by the sponsor with guidance from our editing staff. Editing staff have final approval over content, and our staff reporters are not involved in the creation of sponsored content.

If  you have additional questions or concerns about a piece of sponsored content, email Adam Green at [email protected]

Inquiries about partnering with Nooga.com on sponsored content can be made here.