The lines are drawn.

Concept maps for state redistricting were revealed Wednesday, signaling the beginning of an infrequent process that will impact Tennessee elections for the next 10 years. The maps, drawn by Republican lawmakers using recent census data, were unveiled during a series of committee meetings held in Nashville Wednesday.

As expected, the new House proposal will combine the Hamilton County districts represented by state Reps. JoAnne Favors and Tommie Brown.


Favors, who represents District 29, now finds herself a part of District 28, which is categorized as an “open seat.”

The District 28 seat has been held by Brown for almost 20 years. The “new” District 28 is one of six newly formed districts peppered across the state, none of which will have an incumbent representative going into the next election.

Hamilton County, once home to 5 1/2 House districts, now encapsulates only five of the state’s 99 seats.

The state Senate map, also revealed Wednesday, will divide Bradley County, potentially placing District 10 Sen. Andy Berke away from Democratic-leaning portions of Marion County and into a Republican-leaning portion of Bradley.

District 11 Sen. Bo Watson would represent the majority of Hamilton County should the proposals be approved. In a recent interview with, House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick said he expected the General Assembly to vote on the measures as early as next week.

The regular session for the General Assembly is scheduled to begin on Tuesday.