An effective ban on income tax in Tennessee moved one step closer to becoming reality Thursday, as state House members overwhelmingly voted to approve a resolution to add an amendment banning the practice to the Tennessee Constitution.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Glen Casada, R-Franklin, would place language in the state’s guiding document to prohibit the government from levying taxes on workers’ paychecks. A similar measure was passed in the state Senate last year. 

To become an official constitutional amendment, the resolution will now have to be approved by a 2/3 majority in both chambers of the legislature in the next two years. It would then be placed on the ballot coinciding with the next gubernatorial election, scheduled to take place in 2014. 

The resolution was passed in a 73-17 vote. In a news release, Chris Devaney, chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party, congratulated House members for approving the measure but took the opportunity to chide the handful of Democrats who voted “no.”


“I applaud our Republican leadership for moving us one step closer to solidifying the unconstitutionality of a state income tax,” Devaney said. “However, several Tennessee Democrats once again showed their liberal mindsets by reinforcing their belief that the government should not be restricted from dipping into your paycheck.”

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