Chattanooga entrepreneur Strat Parrott is using contacts from the marketing agency he started three years ago to create business for his newest venture-a digital advertising signage company called Visoqu.

“Our focus is to do local advertising in the local businesses, and we plan to expand to more locations over the next six months,” Parrott said. 

Parrott, 27, created three years ago after the printing company he worked for-and thought he’d spend 20 years with-laid him off.


So, took his last paycheck, filed LLC papers and started contacting freelance clients. He slowly built his first company from there.

A couple of weeks ago, he launched his new company, Visoqu, which provides digital advertising at Chattanooga businesses for other local companies.  

Chattanooga businesses, such as Good Dog and The Concierge Office Suites, are now advertising with Visoqu’s digital billboards in places such as The Terminal, The Honest Pint and Hair of the Dog.

“The locations that they are in are high-traffic locations that have a lot of local flavor,” Parrott said.

The digital advertisements will also soon be in hotels, so they will also reach local tourists, he also said.

The idea is to reach local residents who are at local businesses.

“We do not put ads for a lot of national brands or big franchises,” Parrott said. “We want to keep it local. And a lot of the local business owners downtown-they like to share and pass business back and forth.”

One thing that sets Visoqu apart is its team of award-winning designers, he also said.

And he said that his advertising options are more “effective and affordable.”

Parrott sells ads for $150 a month and is currently offering introductory pricing for $90 a month.

Each screen is limited to 20 ads, and each ad gets about 15 seconds and repeats several times.

President of The Concierge Office Suites Denise Reed advertises with Visoqu and said there is high value in the company’s services.

She said that traditional advertising on interstate billboards isn’t as effective, because when potential customers are driving down the interstate at 60 mph, they might not remember the message or have time to write down a company name and phone number, Reed said.

“One of the things we thought was so appealing is that we were going to be in high-traffic areas, and they would be there for an extended period of time,” she said.

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