A mobile application developer visited Chattanooga last week, testing his parking app on the city’s streets as part of his development.

The app, Parking Ticket Terminator, aims to alleviate parking tickets by helping people keep track of parking regulations within their ZIP codes.

New York City native John Stan, the lead developer of the app, said he began developing it “so people could rally in their community and help one another” avoid parking tickets.

Stan explained that complicated regulations in cities can mean tickets for people who don’t know any better.


Chattanooga was one of the smaller cities Stan stopped in to test the app. He visited Gettysburg, Pa., and Asheville, N.C., prior to Chattanooga; and he plans to head north to Philadelphia and back to New York City to work on the app there.

While here, Stan added various locations around town to the app’s database to test it.

“We found a lot of little bugs while we were doing that,” Stan said.

The app, which Stan hopes to launch in August, is designed to be crowdsourced. It’s based on the idea that community members know their neighborhoods best, and sharing their understanding of local parking spots will help users be aware of different regulations in their city.

Stan gave an example of a regulation that allowed people to park in a spot from April to November, but only on the first and third Tuesdays of each month.

He explained that the app lets users know what day of the week it is (the first or second Monday of the month, etc.) to help them keep track of such regulations.

Users can add parking locations or streets to the app, along with the times they’re available and what fees apply. They can also take pictures of signs or locations. These entries are added to the app database, where everyone else searching the same ZIP code can see them.

“That’s the great thing-it can change with the parking regulations as people add or edit spots,” Stan said.

Stan chose Chattanooga to test in because he’d read about parking issues in the city in an article online. He also said he wanted to see the city because he’d never been.

“I would move there,” Stan said. “I always told my wife if we moved it would be north of New York City. But Chattanooga seems like such a great place.”

On its release, Parking Ticket Terminator will be available for the iPhone and iPad. Stan plans to make it available for Android devices as well.