Because of the threat of heavy rainfall this week, the Department of Public Works urges residents to keep loose leaves away from ditches and streets to minimize flooding risks associated with the debris.

The city’s public works department is currently collecting loose leaves, and their close proximity to the road, combined with heavy rainfall, can create hazardous driving conditions and increased flooding risks.

To avoid these problems and assist with efficient collection, officials ask that you:

-Avoid raking leaves into ditches because it causes flooding problems and impacts water quality.


-Avoid raking leaves into the street because it causes drainage problems and creates the potential for wrecks.

-Separate leaves from other items because they are collected, processed and disposed of differently.

-Consider composting or recycling leaves by mowing or mulching them back onto the lawn. Click here to learn more about that.

Click here or call 311 to see when your area will be serviced for loose leaf collection.