Award winning photographer Billy Weeks, a frequent contributor to’s sport sections, has chosen his favorite sports photos of the year and posted them on his website.

Weeks, who has photographed countless sporting events in his 29-year career, has contributed to since the website’s inception in March 2011. Since leaving the newspaper business, where he began his career in 1984, Weeks has stayed busy working for the Associated Press, Rueters and the New York Times, among others.

I really enjoy photographing sports, especially prep sports,” Weeks said. “I’ve photographed everything from the World Series, NCAA tournaments and the NFL. I’ve done that for many, many, many years, but prep sports is really something special, especially football.”


Weeks’ “2013 in Sports” is a carefully-selected bunch of photographs, showcasing a mix of great action shots and great moments in Chattanooga sports.

“What I really did was try to pick images that I thought said something,” Weeks said. “For example, the photograph of Coach Huesman in the Samford game when he is on his knees. That’s the only time I’ve ever seen Coach Huesman in a dejected moment. There’s nothing that brings down his coaching ability in that photograph. That photograph really talked about the emotion that he brings to the football team.

“I hope this is reflected by my photographs, but when I go to those events I always try to do more than the game itself.”