Electronic duo Stage Hands(AKA The Meets architect and My Idea of Fun label head Brandon Locher and multi-instrumentalist Gerald Mattis) have been making music together for only a brief period of time, but they’ve already got one single, “Regardless,”released with the promise of more to come this year.

And they’re already making good on this promise with the release of “Adaptive Lines,” the latest song from the band. With its bouncy electronics easily absorbed through the skin, the track takes the listener on a peaceful, almost meditative stroll into a soft-focus landscape of plinking synths, atmospheric rhythms and intricate instrumentation-a curious amalgamation of Air‘s buoyant circuits and Cornelius‘ unpredictable compositions.

But there’s more going on beneath its waves of gentle electronics than seen at first glance. The track feels and sounds like a cacophony of sounds coaxed from a handful of modulators, motherboards and the musical imagination of Locher and Mattis, with fellow musician Sean Jackson sitting in behind the KORG. There’s a depth of musical construction that belies the song’s influences and creates something far more weighted and determined than your first impression might suggest. Ever-evolving and true to its name, “Adaptive Lines” goes through several iterations before we’re brought to the end, and the track feels richer and more fully fleshed out for all its twisting acts of musical rearrangement.


Stream “Adaptive Lines” below.

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