A website created by the Code for America fellows answers the question on everybody’s mind: Is it snowing in Chattanooga?

Click here to determine whether it is snowing in Chattanooga.

Jason Denizac is a writer and Web developer from San Francisco. He’s currently in town with Code for America and working with the city of Chattanooga to find ways to use technology more effectively and to improve civic engagement.

“I created the page because the question of snow is in the front of everyone’s mind, especially given the disruption caused by the snow two weeks ago,” he said.


The site is not unique, according to Denizac. Similar sites ask questions like “Is it raining?” and “Is it snowing in Portland?”

For the Chattanooga version, Denizac used a website called Github. The site lets anyone contribute suggested changes.

Denizac said the site has gone through several revisions since it launched. You can view those revisions here.

“Technology should be simple, beautiful and easy to use,” he said. “This site strips away all extraneous information, advertisements and flashy graphics and gives a direct answer to an important question. I’m just trying to have fun with the possible answers to questions about snow.”

Chattanooga was selectedas one of 10 cities to participate in the Code for America fellowship. The group of developers (fellows) is spending time in the city developing Web apps to help improve city services and community outreach.

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