It isn’t the case for most entrepreneurs, but for Chattanooga native and yoga teacherKelsey Vasileff, the process of starting Southern Sqweezehas been relatively smooth-thanks, in part, to help from her family and friends.

“Chattanooga is my home, and it is a place that has always nourished me and supported me on my journey,” she said. “Now, it is a time to pay it forward and give back.”

Her brother built the bar for the new raw food and juice café; her uncle created the menus; other family members did most of the build-out for the North Shore business, she said.


Located at 1210 Tremont St., near The Farmer’s Daughter and Tremont Tavern,Southern Sqweezewill offer cold-pressed juice, which is made using ahydraulic press to extract juice and omit oxidation, making the juice pure.

And 90 percent of the food at the restaurant will be raw and “whole foods,” meaning food in its purest state,Vasileff said. And there will be a lot of “superfoods,” which are foods with unique properties that are high in nutrients, she also said.

She hopes her new business-which should open by the second week of April-will be a place where residents relax, study, meet with friends and get nourishment.

“We want it to be a place where people can nourish from the inside out,” she said. “We want people to know they are always welcome. This is something I believe in with all of my heart. What we put in our mouths directly affects everything in and around us. We are on a mission to help people with wholesome, healing foods.”

Vasileff took The Company Lab’s Springboard class, which is now called CO.STARTERS, and said that helped her get her entrepreneurial footing.

She teaches yoga at three different studios in town and is a certified health coach.

In addition to juices and raw foods, such as seed puddings and granolaparfaits, she will have some foods that aren’t raw, including quinoa andavocado.

“We will also offer cleanses,” she said. “We recommend doing one at the change of a season or if you need a jumpstart or are even looking for a personal change.”

And she hopes to eventually move toward offering juice delivery and gift card availability.

“Health, vitality and longevity are some of the most important things that we carry with us throughout our whole lives, and we believe juicing is an awesome steppingstone and one step closer to maintaining those qualities of life,” she said.