In just six months, Picnooga has become the go-to source for your daily dose of local history tidbits, nostalgia and vintage photos.

Picnooga’s Facebook page currently has over 8,000 likes and continues to gain followers daily. The project also received a grant from the UNFoundation to continue the crowdsourcing project.

Picnooga is also partnering with the Chattanooga History Center to deliver high-quality photographs to followers.


Now, creator David Moon is seeking funding for a new Picnooga venture, this time in the form of a monthly radio show featuring “no-snooze interviews with local historians, authors, and other local personalities and organizations trying to keep history top-of-mind in Chattanooga and the surrounding area.”

Moon launched an Indiegogo campaignSunday to raise $800 for the project. The funds will help pay for a year’s subscription to BlogTalkRadio and help aid in the purchase of broadcast-quality microphones.

The campaign will continue through July 6.

Moon thinks there is another side of history that can’t be covered visually.

“I talk to a lot of people about history, and they have such interesting stories,” he said. “It’s just not something you can relay on Facebook easily. I would rather hear these people tell their stories.”

With the show, he hopes to bridge the generation gap and make Chattanooga’s history appealing to a younger crowd.

The format of each episode is still unclear, but Moon wants to touch on a variety of subjects and feature knowledgeable guests and experts.

“I’m hoping I’m not the only host,” he said. “Hopefully, we can talk about what’s going on in the news with history, take phone calls. There’s a long list of potential candidates for guests.”

The plan for the show also includes “old-timey commercials” for advertisers, drop-in mystery history guests and contests.

The end goal is to eventually establish a searchable database of historic photos accessible via

“We’re just trying to reach as many people as we can,” Moon said.