Last week, two screenings of a UTC student’s documentary about women who love serial killers wowed audiences.

The invite-only screenings were the first audiences for “Serial Killer Groupies: A Love Story,” which was created over a three-year period. The film follows the stories of four women who, for whatever reason, have fallen in love with convicted serial killers.

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Joy Krause, co-director of the documentary, solicited the guidance of Academy Award-nominated director Peter Spirerto makethe story come to life.

The next hurdle for the success of the film is acquiring funding for widespread distribution, marketing and festival submissions, including the prestigious Sundance Film Festival.

An Indiegogo campaign will run through Dec. 13 in an attempt to raise $30,000 for the film.

“My dream is to take it to Sundance,” Krause said. “We also have to have rights and clearances for all the B-roll footage we used. All of the news reports, those things start at $1,000.”

The subject of the film has been in the news lately with the announcement that notorious serial killer Charles Mansonwill marry his 26-year-old girlfriend.Manson is mentioned in the documentary, and Krause has been called upon by news organizations like BBC and The Huffington Post to provide commentary.

And the reaction to the film has been positive across the board.

“I’ve been blown away by the reactions,” Krause said. “I wish the film was out. I’d like everyone to get the movie and download it. “

To help, Krause and crew have developed several unique gifts for backers at every level. For a $5 donation, they will turn a personal photograph into a mug shot.

But perhaps the most interesting gift is at the $25 level:Krause will write a personalized letter to a serial killer and mail you the letter to send. The serial killer may or may not respond, but there’s always a chance.

“I wrote to all the serial killers, and I’ve got all the contact information,” she said. “I’ll address the letter and the envelope for whoever, as if the letter was coming from them.”

One of the groupies featured in the film created a CD of music for Joran van der Sloot. A $35 donation will get you an autographed copy of that release.

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“We have to get distribution for the film,” Krause said. “I’ve spent my life savings on this. We need to find it a home.”