Raw food and juice barSouthern Sqweezenow offers a customizable health coaching program.

“It’s a program we can tailor to everyone,” said Ashley McAdoo, who is the raw chef at Southern Sqweeze, a yoga teacher and a certified holistic health coach. “We want to find things that come from the ground instead of looking toward diet fads. [It’s about] eating whole foods that work for your body.”

Participants in the program can choose from a variety of different plans and services, owner Kelsey Vasileff said.Vasileff is also a yoga teacher and a certified holistic health coach.


Whether customers want to lose weight, feel better or work on general healthiness,Vasileff andMcAdoo aim to help clients reach their goals by creating a sustainable lifestyle, the duo said.

An initial consultation is $45, and clients work withVasileff andMcAdoo from there to make a plan of action.

“We tell you how we can help you,”Vasileff said. “It’s all about holding people accountable. We are there constantly checking in.”

The duo offers services such as shopping guides, meal planning, grocery tours, raw foods cooking workshops and detox coaching.

Click here for a more complete list. But because each person is different,Vasileff said potential clients should call or email to talk specifics.

Southern Sqweeze also has some events coming up.

McAdoo is leading a community juice cleanse, which starts March 1. Click here for more information.

“So many people want to do a juice cleanse but they don’t want to do it alone,”Vasileff said.

And leaders are also hosting a boot camp cleanse April 9-12. That event is a weekend of raw foods, juicing, yoga, movement and meditation,Vasileff said. For more information on that, call the store at423-805-4440.