United Auto Workers rival group American Council of Employees has submitted information to Volkswagen leaders in an effort to gain benefits under the company’s employee engagement policy.

In a statement sent to VW employees Monday, company leaders said that ACE meets the requirement for level 1 engagement in the separate categories of salaried employees and hourly employees.The submitted ACE signatures were verified by an external auditor.

“Based on the results of the verification process, the current ACE membership meets the support requirement for level 1 for both hourly and salary employee groups,” according to the statement from Volkswagen. “The company will reach out to the ACE in the near future to start the discussion regarding the opportunities available to them under the policy.”


In November, VW leaders announced a policy that sets guidelines for engagement opportunities between the company and any labor organization whose membership includes a significant percentage of Volkswagen employees in Chattanooga.

The policy outlines three levels of engagement.

Groups get level 1 engagement benefits when they get more than 15 percent membership. They get level 2 benefits with more than 30 percent membership and level 3 benefits with more than 45 percent.

The UAW’s Local 42 has reached the highest level of engagement with signatures from at least 45 percent of hourly employees.

Clickhereto read the entire employee engagement policy.