Two business owners who own eateries on opposite sides of downtown are joining forces to bring a new restaurant to the Southside.

1885 Grill owner MiguelMorales and Tremont Tavern ownerDustin Choate are working on a new conceptcalled The Feed Co. Table & Tavern, which will be locatedin the Craftworks building on Main Street.

“Dustin and I wanted to partner and do something to bring both elements of a tavern, which he’s done very well, and a Southern-based grill that we’ve done very well, and merge them and do something great,”Morales said.

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1885 recently completed an expansion of its St. Elmo location, and Tremont Tavern is in the process of expanding its location at 1203 Hixson Pike.

The 9,000-square-foot space will be part tavern and part sit-down restaurant. It will have a huge patio area and a kitchen where customers will be able to see the cooking action,Morales said.

There will also be “plenty of parking,” he said.

“We were able to put in place everything on our wish list,” Morales said.

Charlie Loomis, who has experience from Elemental, 1885 and more, will be the executive chef atThe Feed Co. Table & Tavern.

Morales estimated that the restaurant will create between 65 and 75 jobs.

It made sense to the duo to meet in the middle of where their two businesses are, and that meant the Southside.

And they were excited about that, but even more has started to evolve on the Southside since then-which makesMorales even more excited, he said.

For example, the Chattanooga Choo-Choo will be undergoing renovations, Chattanooga Whiskey moved their Tennessee Stillhouse to the area, and apartments are going up on the corner of Main and Market streets,Morales said.

The owners didn’t want to go too in-depth on details yet, but they are hoping to finish construction by July.

Choate said there’s power in partnership that can’t be achieved by an individual.

“When you take two individuals who have as strong a background as the people behind 1885 and Tremont Tavern, the power of that partnership is exponential,” he said.

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