To whom it may concern (which should be anyone driving a car in Chattanooga),

On March 27, 2015, I parked in a designated parking space on Broad Street, just in front of the Read House. I inserted 20 cents into a parking permit machine and in return received a receipt that indicated I had 16 minutes in that space. My time was to expire at3:39 p.m.

I placed my receipt faceup on the dash, grabbed my daughter’s hand and crossed the street. About 10 minutes later, we returned to my car to find a parking ticket flapping around under my windshield wiper. Because I knew I had not been gone long enough to warrant a ticket, I took a closer look at the ticket and observed that the ticket had been issued at3:27, 12 minutes before my time was even up. Had I not checked closely at the time stamps, I would have just paid the ticket, unknowing that I was getting ripped off.


I called the Chattanooga Parking Authority, and the woman who answered the phone requested that I take a picture of my receipts as proof and email them to her. I did, and she agreed to “take care of it.”

I got to wondering-how many times does this actually happen? If I’d not been paying attention to the time as closely as I had, I would not have thought to actually check the time stamps. I would have blindly paid the parking authority $11 that I did not even owe them. Had I not paid within 30 days, my fee would have been raised to $41.50. Extort much, Chattanooga Parking Authority, AKA Republic Parking?

To alert my friends and the general public about this potential scam, I posted a picture of the ticket and receipt on Facebook, with an overwhelming response from others that this had also happened to-and many of them not just once.

I don’t know what can be done, if anything, but I do feel it is my civic duty to at least warn my fellow citizens and visitors to our city to examine very closely any parking tickets they may get. I also question why this illegal practice (ironic that on my parking ticket I am charged with “unlawful acts”) has been allowed to take place as often as it has without any question or repercussion. I ask that if this happens to you, document it and speak up. This parking violation against the drivers in our city should not be allowed to continue.

Stacie Jackson

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