Sisters and entrepreneurs Charity Martin andMelody Kobernik are from the Pacific Northwest, where coffee huts are plentiful, and they are bringing the concept to Chattanooga.

They opened their new business, Sunnyside Cup, Coffee To Go, Monday morning. It’s located at 3008 Broad St., next to the ice machine and across the street from theSouthernSaddlery Building.

  • 16-ounce coffee: $2
  • Gluten-freefrittatas: $4.50
  • Latte: $4

This is not an extensive list of items available.

“We are offering a quick, convenient, affordable and delicious cup of coffee,” Martin said.

The drive-thru-only business offers 16-ounce, fresh-brew Mayfly coffee and other items such as espresso drinks, tea, hot chocolate, gluten-free frittatas, scones, muffins, cookies and bananas.

The food items come from local cooking school and catering companyDish T’ Pass.

The duo will be rotating blends and taking other steps to make sure customers get what they like,Martin said.

“My sister has some dietary restrictions, and so we wanted to offer a nondairy option for folks who like a latte,” she said. “We have coconut milk as well as soy milk.”

They had their hut custom-built for their needs, and it has two windows for customers to use. Although the hut is mobile, the sisters plan to keep it in the Broad Street location Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“We feel like our [customers] are busy people … They are early-morning, downtown commuters,” she said.

The sisters made a strategic decision about where to locate and situated the business where people coming from North Georgia, St. Elmo, Lookout Mountain and Lookout Valley might pass by.

They are also located near Chattanooga Christian School, so parents can come through and get breakfast without having to get in and out of the car with kids.

The duo spent about a year and a half researching the business and got help from the Business Development Center, as well as other entrepreneurs and members of the community, she also said.

And they hope to open more huts around town in the future.

“Our plans are to open up several more of these coffee hut locations in strategic areas around Chattanooga,” Martin said.