Chattanooga beat outPort Angeles, Washington, to be named Outside magazine’s Best Town Ever.

The magazine’s editors wroteonlinethat they will have coverage of both cities both online and in print this September and will later be rolling out coverage of all the towns in the contest.

With 129,562 votes, Chattanooga won out with 52 percent of the vote.


Port Angeles was a “wild card” pick in the competition, getting in the contest by reader suggestion after Outside magazine editors chose 60 other cities, including Chattanooga.

There were six rounds of voting in the March Madness-style bracket faceoffs.

In addition to Port Angeles,Chattanooga beat out Roanoke, Virginia; Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina; Beaufort, South Carolina; Boone, North Carolina; and Bar Harbor, Maine.

Residents in both cities made passionate pleas for votes in the last round. And people in both cities created videos showing off the towns. Click here to see Chattanooga’s video.

After the contest, residents from both Chattanooga andPort Angeles showed sportsmanlike spirit in Outside magazine’s comments section.

Here are some examples:

faugaun:Congrats to all towns in the competition from Chattanooga; may your tourism coffers flourish!

debbie_nibbles:Congratulations, Chattanooga! It was fun and second isn’t a bad thing for how small we are! Still think it will get us some recognition.

JamesJohnson6:A job well done on both towns’ parts. Enjoyed seeing all the great photos. PA people if y’all are in the Chattanooga area, come to my restaurant and we will treat you like family.

shawnzig:So many kind and gracious comments have been made from the people from Chattanooga to Port Angeles. We put up a really good fight. This contest really brought our community together … Beautiful photos were posted of both cities. Thank you all for that. Congratulations on your win, Chattanooga, but to come on as a wild card and end up in second to your beautiful city, I think we’re all winners.

DaveSantucci:I’ve been to Port Angeles and can’t wait to get back. You’ve got one of the most unique and amazing spots in the country. Congratulations on being a wild card and making it to the finals. Outside will do you well!