Local entrepreneur and environmentalist Dena Jackson has launched a business that she said will help advertisers, truckers and the Earth.

Her new business, Greene Skirts, provides semitruck drivers with free truck skirts because studies show they help save fuel. The skirtsalso help stabilize the trailer and reduce spray for passing cars, she said.

“So they also make the road safer,” she said.

For more information

Visit the Greene Skirts website, which has more details about what a truck skirt is and information for both truckers and advertisers.

Greene Skirts provides them for free by getting advertisers to print messages on the skirts, which are eye level with cars when on the interstate, Jackson said.

The skirts are generally so costly that many truck drivers don’t use them, said Jackson, who worked as a freight broker.

“I have been a freight broker with a guilty conscience,” she said.

She’s looking for advertisers now, and she doesn’t require a company’s entire fleet.

Individual advertisers can purchase the skirts to have them put on trucks that they don’t own.

And every time she sells 15 skirts, she will donate to a charity, she said. If one company buys 15 skirts, they can choose the charity. But if it’s 15 different companies, Greene Skirts will pick the charity.

“Even if the customer isn’t green-minded, it’s still advertising at eye level,” she said. “It’s still making the roads a bit safer.”

And it’s mobile advertising, which has benefits over a static billboard, according to the Greene Skirts website.

It’s what she calls a “win-win outcome” for everyone.

Jackson came to Chattanooga about 17 years ago for a few reasons, but a major part was the city’s green initiatives, she said.

Seven years ago, she had a son, who has also been a big motivation for Jackson to do her part to help the environment.

During her environmentally friendly baby shower for him, she gave away green products and told attendees that it was important to take care of the Earth for children like hers, she said.

“I thought before my son was born, ‘We are borrowing the Earth,'” she said.

Updated @ 12:30 p.m. on 6/11/15.