Chattanooga Chief Operating Officer Brent Goldberg is leaving City Hall. He will become vice president and chief financial officer for Lesco Logistics and Lync America, according to a news release.

Goldberg is the third COO to leave city government since Mayor Andy Berke came into office in 2013. In a resignation letter, he wrote that the job offer was an “unexpected opportunity.”

“While I will miss serving in local government, I am excited about returning to the private sector to serve as a leader in the Chattanooga business community,” he wrote in the letter submitted to Berke on Sept. 1.


The City Hall announcement said Goldberg’s deputy, David Carmody, will act as interim COO until the position is filled.

Berke said of the departure, “He’s worked hard over the last few years, and if his past work is any indication, he will be an incredible asset for this growing and successful company.”

Lesco Logistics President Cindy Lee said in a statement, “Adding someone of Brent’s caliber combined with his Chattanooga background is a great fit for us as a locally owned and operated company.”