If you’ve been anywhere downtown this week, you’ve probably noticed the flag waving trucks, student caravans and palpable buzz in the air.

All that has to do with one of the oldest rivalries in Chattanooga sports.

Baylor will host McCallie on Friday night in what is always the most-talked-about high school football game of the season. The game can be viewed on Chattanooga’s CW at 6 p.m. if you can’t get tickets (which you probably can’t).


The one-upmanship, taunting and general madness that take place every year go way beyond trash talking and childish pranks.

And this year, McCallie has thrown down the gauntlet like never before.

The school posted a video last night of a parody version of Rihanna and Jay-Z’s song “Run this Town.” The video shows both McCallie and Girls Preparatory School students at various locations around Chattanooga.

Thus far, the video has more than 30,000 views on YouTube and shows no sign of stopping.