Chattanooga Whiskeyreceived several honors during the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition in March for both their marquee brands.

The brand’s 1816 line of 7.5-year-old bourbon was awarded a Double Gold Medal for 1816 Reserve and a Gold Medal for 1816 Cask.

Awards for the 16th annual competition were officially released this week. The SFWSC is the nation’s largest and most influential competition of its kind.


Of the 1,899 entries, 201 were awarded the prestigious Double Gold Medal by a panel of 39 industry judges. Double Gold Medal winners are considered the “finest products in the world,” based on the competition’s standards.

“We’re honored that the judges agree our bourbon is exceptional,” said Tim Piersant, CEO of Chattanooga Whiskey. “We’ve set the bar high for ourselves with great whiskey, and we’re excited for more people to try it now that we’ve received this award.”

The 1816 Reserve is a 90-proof bourbon with an aroma described as an “extremely balanced oak and rye character . notes of vanilla, light caramel and baking spices with a distinct, earthy rye undertone.” The flavor is “balanced sweet and spicy oak,” with a “clean, lightly warming and dry finish.”

The 1816 Cask is a 113.6-proof blend specifically selected from barrels offering a bold character and high-proof cask notes. The bourbon maintains an aroma of “intense oak and spice . notes of vanilla bean, dark toffee, butterscotch, cinnamon and black tea.” The flavor is “bold, sweet and spicy,” and the finish is “warming, with a velvety, mouth-coating finish.”

“We’re working hard to release a range of future bourbons crafted right here in our beautiful hometown of Chattanooga, from head distiller Grant McCracken, that are worthy of your everyday adventure and your most discerning industry expert,” Piersant said.

Tastings of both the 1816 Reserve and Cask are available daily at the Tennessee Stillhouse at 1439 Market St. in downtown Chattanooga. Click here for more information.

“Although both 1816 Reserve and Cask are technically the same ‘recipe,’ our barrel selection and blending process highlight the differences of location and storage conditions throughout the rackhouse,” McCracken said. “The end result yields two completely unique, world-class bourbons.”

Chattanooga Whiskey is offered through a partnership with MGP in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, with all bottling done in Chattanooga.

Here is Chattanooga Whiskey’s Instagram post following the announcement:

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