A marketing and web design firm will soon move to the Innovation District, and leaders hope to collaborate with other nearby groups.

“We’re still relatively unknown to Chattanooga, so one of the things we do hope foris more exposure,” Crash Creative founderBrian Chaney said. “Overall, we’re justtrying to get more involved with the community.”

Crash Creative will be moving into the Edney Innovation Center, located at 1100 Market St., onJuly 1.


The company provides a variety of services, including web development; digitalmarketing; and design to other companies, political campaigns and nonprofits.

“We’re looking to move to the next level,” digital marketingstrategist Jess Flack said.

Crash Creative began offering digital marketing services in about 2013, and leaders wanted to make sure the websites they created for their customers were attracting more traffic.


“I think that for a lot of companies, they have so many different things going on atone time, it’s easy to get very comfortable with meeting a quota, whereas with us,we really are always trying to look toward the next month. We’retrying to find new innovations and new programs and plug-ins for our clients all thetime. I think that also sets us apart.”

Source: Digital marketing strategist Jess Flack

“A common misconception is that if you build it, they will come; that’s just not thecase,” Flack said. “Through digital marketing, we can help other businesses withtheir search engine optimization so that we can actually have their website found bytheir customers.”

Crash Creative sets itself apart from others by its partnerships with clients.

“A lot of companies fail at communication and timelines, and we try very hard toexcel at both,” Chaney said. “It’s important to us that if someone’s paying us X amount a month thatthey feel the value.”

Prices for web development start at $7,500, and digital marketing prices are basedon the needs of the client. The web development process usually takes about 10weeks.

Chaney started the company in 2010 under the name Guild Development. At thatpoint, the company was being run out of his home and only had two employees.

Crash Creative has since grown to a staff of 15, and the move to the Edney will be Crash Creative’s third.

The name was changed to Crash Creative in 2015 to better represent the company byusing a piece of philosophy Chaney calls “rhino success” (“crash” is the name for agroup of rhinos).

“In [rhino success], you need to be a rhino and not a cow,” Chaney said. “A cow justsits around and gets fat, where a rhino will just go at it. It’s a 10-ton animal that’sgoing to hit its mark. It’s something that I’ve been inspired by, and we try to operatelike that. Whatever we do, we’re all in.”

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Alina Hunter-Grah is a contributing writer. She is also currently attending UTC, where she is the news editor for the school newspaper, The University Echo. Alina is also the Chattanooga correspondent for 2nd & Church, a literary magazine based out of Nashville.