Shortly after World War II ended, my grandmother followed a young, American GI across the Atlantic to the United States all the way from Wales. She risked her life for her love. And, she always used to admonish me: “Live out of the courage of your convictions!” With a pointed finger and a well-timed dramatic pause, my Welsh grandmother had a way of making me reflect on what matters, what is good, what is worth fighting for.

To this day, her words still call me to reflect; they challenge me to consider what is right, what is wrong, and they push me to fight for that in which I deeply believe.

It is out of this history, that I consider my convictions today. It is with conviction and courage that I pen this article and ask that Donald Trump please stand down from pursuing the Republican nomination for President of the United States.

Mr. Trump, you do not represent a worthy effort to discern what is good and right, what is evil and wrong. In fact, you continue to evidence the truth that you will severely limit the pursuit of the common good, that you will destroy peaceful efforts, that unless people represent a certain set of characteristics, ethnicity, or religion, you will treat them with contempt. For the sake of the Nation, please lay down your pursuit of the Presidency.


While perhaps my opinion article submitted to local news reporting outlets may not have any impact at all, I will still write. For it is with conviction that we must stand for what is good and the courage to call out that which is unjust. This is why I write today. It is with this conviction that, at moments in time such as this, we must draw lines in the sand and declare where we stand, with whom we stand, and for whom we will stand.

Today, I stand with the immigrants. People like my grandmother who risked it all for the sake of love. I stand with those new to America, old She may be. I stand with those who have ambition to make a brighter way in the world, dark though it may sometimes be. I stand with those who seek the peace of our world, not the detriment of others. I stand with those who will stand together, not those who seek to stand apart.

Mr. Trump, please stand down.

Andrew Kean

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