Area businesspeople who want to outsource daily business chores such as responding to emails, data entry, invoicing, event planning or calendar management can now get help from a new business.

Chattanooga residents Charlie Rash and Dave Connishave launched a new virtual assistant business calledCharlieRash Virtual Assistant Services.

Rash is also a Realtor and Connisis also an author. Their combined backgrounds and flexible schedules made the new business an ideal fit, Rash said.


“With both of our backgrounds, we could charge the industry standard, but we won’t because we want to work with nonprofits and startups,” Rash said. “And as they grow, we want to grow with them.”

The company officially launched at the beginning of September, and the duo is currently looking to build a client base.

Rash has a degree from UTC in entrepreneurship, and he’s worked as a personal assistant to a land developer, two university deans and the head of a nonprofit.

He said thatConnis-who recently sold a young adult novel-is the creative half of the duo. Connishas a degree in community development from Covenant College, and is a copywriter and social media manager who has experience in everything from grant writing to email marketing for nonprofits and startups.

The duo’s goal is to help nonprofit leaders and entrepreneurs find an affordable option for outsourcing some of their tasks to free up time to focus on more important work.

For more information

Click here for more information about the company, including services and contact information.

Rash andConniswant to partner with incubators who might be able to connect them with startups who need help.

The cost for each client is tailored to that person’s specific tasks, but their services could start as low as $300 a month.

AndConnissaid that if a potential client is wondering whether their business can do a specific task, just ask.

“The answer is probably yes,” he said. “At least ask.”

Rash said that if you’d ask your personal assistant to do it, his company can take care of it.

“We try to be whatever they need us to be,” Rash said.

Updated @ 1:30 p.m. on 9/20/16.