To my conservative/Republican friends, family members, and acquaintances:

Never Trump.

The Republican nominee for President is temperamentally unfit to be an elected official, much less President of the United States. He has no respect for constitutional boundaries on executive power, persistently exhibits racist, sexist, xenophobic behavior, and has a love affair with the effective dictator/strongman of one of our largest geopolitical adversaries. He is quite literally the worst nominee for President in the modern history of these United States, and support for his candidacy undermines the very principles the conservative movement and Republican Party claim to uphold.

This is not to say that his Democratic opponent is worthy of your vote either. She is surpassed by only Donald Trump as the worst nominee for President in the modern era. She has repeatedly demonstrated wholesale disregard for the American public in her lack of transparency and truthfulness, and has seemingly sold American political influence to the highest bidder, both domestically and abroad. She, too, is wholly unfit for the office of President.


And yet, hatred of one is not a sufficient reason to justify the erosion and complete sabotage of the principles and beliefs that make you conservative by voting for the other. Indeed, the support of Trump is more of a negative reflection upon you than it is an indictment of Clinton. Casting a positive ballot for either is both politically and morally bankrupt.

You can have that on your conscience, but I won’t. I’ll be voting for Gary Johnson.

Josh Paul

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