A local Americana duo has shared a new music video for their song “Chattanooga,” which pays homage to the city.

Drakeford is composed of husband and wife Drakeford and Lucy-Jayne Lanier. Their album “Anchors Aweigh” was released this year, and their new single and music video debuted Oct. 26.

The video was almost a year in the making. Lucy-Jayne began collecting ideas and footage in preparation for the shoot last year.


“We love our town so much that we wrote a song about it,” they write in the video’s description.

The song begins with an acoustic guitar and Drakeford in front of Lookout Mountain. His influences, including Jason Mraz and Toad the Wet Sprocket, are evident in both Drakeford’s vocal cadences and guitar playing.

In addition to still shots, Lucy-Jayne also incorporated aerial drone footage, live footage from concerts at local venues and shots from the Chattanooga Market. Locals will recognize the Hunter Museum of American Art, the Walnut Street Bridge, the North Shore and the Southside.

The song is essentially the story of the couple’s journey to Chattanooga. The couple has ties to Florence, South Carolina, and London, England.

Watch the video above. And click here for more information about Drakeford’s music.