Three entrepreneurs with decades of combined experience in accounting have recently opened their own firm.

“We had all been talking about the accounting profession and how it could be improved for consumers and employees,”Kyle Bryant,partner at Market Street Partners, said. “The more we talked about it, the more real the idea became.”

Bryant and business partnersAlan King and Kevin Rose officially launched in June, but they already have some large clients, mainly thanks to word-of-mouth.


The startup offers traditional accounting services, such as tax returns, audit reports and bookkeeping. They mainly work with businesses, although they also are involved in individual returns and advising.

But it doesn’t begin and end there, Bryant said.

The trio wants to help their clients make big decisions, whether it be about borrowing money or raising capital.

Going through those processes with clients on the front end can add value through dollar savings and in limiting anxieties, Bryant said.

They also aim to create a casual environment at work-employees are allowed to wear jeans, for example.

And they want to be approachable for young people and transparent with their employees.

The team currently employs eight others and will be looking to add people before tax season, which ramps up with planning mode in December but is officially between Jan. 15 and April 15, he also said.

The company has a “strategic partnership” with Lamp Post Group, which helped the startup get going.

Bryant spent four years working for the venture capital incubator as the director of finance. He was attracted to Lamp Post because he thought that starting his own business might eventually be something he’d do.

Market Street Partners operates out of the same building as Lamp Post at 800 Market St.

“After I got here, I’ve kind of been inspired by the energy,” he said.‘s parent company is Lamp Post Group, but editorial decisions for this publication are made independently of the Lamp Post Group.