It may not be groundbreaking news, but it’s always tough to hear: Chattanooga just isn’t a very healthy city.

WalletHub’s Healthiest Cities in Americareport,released this week, found that Chattanooga is among the unhealthiest of the 150 most populated cities in the United States.

Chattanooga ranked No. 132 on the list, with exceptionally low ranks in categories such as health care, food and green spaces.


WalletHub researchers used 34 relevant metrics to determine the results. Those metrics included premature death rate, mental health, physical health, fruit and vegetable consumption, access to healthy foods, physical activity, quality of parks and running trails, and access to recreation.

Notably, Chattanooga also ranked at No. 145 for fewest dietitians and nutritionists per capita-although the Scenic City did rank 79th overall for fitness, which was the highest-ranking category for the city.

The full list of metrics is available here.

Updated @ 12:46 p.m. on 2/15/17 to correct a factual error: Chattanooga ranks No. 132 on the list, not No. 134, as originally reported.