A new boutique that offers eyebrow microbladingis opening on the North Shore soon.

Grand opening

Blush Beauty Boutique will have its grand opening April 29 at 1:30 p.m. at 748 Overbridge Lane.

No RSVP is necessary for this event.

For more information, call 423-619-3525 or email [email protected].

Microblading is a form of semipermanent tattooing done witha specialized manual tool to create fine strokes in the skin to implant pigment, allowing the technician to fill in sparse areas, create definition and enhance the brow shape, according to a news release.The result resembles the appearance of natural eyebrow hair, also according to a release.

Owner Erica Moyer is a Chattanooga native who works in surgery at Erlanger. She is making her first foray into the business world with Blush Beauty Boutiquebecause she saw a need in the market.

She wanted to getmicrobladingfor herself and had friends who wanted it as well, but they couldn’t find anywhere to have it done locally, she said.

“Microblading has quickly become one of the most sought-out procedures for any beauty guru,” she said in a news release. “As a consumer in all things beauty myself, I saw an opportunity for this to thrive in Chattanooga and jumped on it.”

So she started doing research and found an academy in Atlanta where she could learn the procedure.

After she learned the technique, she started looking for business locations.

“I got really lucky finding the place,” she said.

The boutique is located in a space that also houses a newfamily-owned craft company, among other small businesses.

Moyer said some people might be wary of the microblading process, especially if they’ve done permanent tattooing that penetrates the skin and then fades, leaving colored hues behind.

But microbladingdoesn’t do that, she said.

AndMoyer said she’s aiming to make the customer experience fun and easy.

“Beauty is supposed to be fun, and I plan on making it that way each time a client walks through my doors, trusting me with their beloved brows,” she said.

Looking forward,Moyer wants to add more services, such as eyelash extensions and airbrush tanning.