Sen. Bob Corker commented on President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from participating in the Paris Agreementon climate change.

Corker, R-Tennessee, said he appreciated the chance to talk with Trump and his team several times this week about the decision.

He also said:


The substantive requirements of the agreement are, in fact, nonbinding. On the other hand, legitimate concerns have been raised about the likelihood of domestic interest groups using the agreement to file lawsuits in an effort to halt the repeal of regulations, which, while being litigated, would stifle economic growth here at home. I appreciate the president’s desire to renegotiate an agreement that is more in line with what is achievable in a manner that promotes an increase in the standard of living of American citizens and protects our environment. I stand ready to work with him toward that end.

The 2015 agreement between 196 nations is a pact to “adopt green energy sources, cut down on climate change emissions and limit the rise of global temperatures,” NPR reported.

The agreement also acknowledges the threat of climate change. Click hereand here to read more about the agreement.

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