A few weeks back, I introduced you to our new project:remodeling my grandparents’ farmhouse. I’ve been working on the room designs since getting the house, and the living room is going to get a “traditional casual” feel, as I like to call it. Before I jump into the plan, here’s the before picture of the space:

The design of this house is going to be very different from the design at our full-time house, the ’70s landing pad, as can be seen from our design board:


The one thing that is staying the same in the living room is the wood trim. It will get a good cleaning, but otherwise, we are keeping it as-is. I really like the stained look of it, as opposed to painting the trim all white.

I’m hoping the traditional casual look we are going for will keep the space warm and inviting, but also give it a timeless look that won’t easily date. The walls will get a fresh coat of light beige paint. Colors will be pulled in throughout the rest of the space, such as more traditional reds and navies.

On the wall opposite the sofa is where the television will reside. I can’t quite decide if I’ll get an actual media center for the television or use an old dresser, very similar to the above, like we have now. I’m considering putting sconces on either side of the television like we had in our previous home’s living room.

What do you think of the traditional casual look? Take a complete tour of the farmhouse here.

(design board sources: drapes/sofa/chairs/ottoman/rug/wall color/dresser/sconce/rug)

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