There’s nothing quite like taking a diamond in the rough and making it sparkle, right? That’s exactly what these pieces of furniture started out as-diamonds in the rough.

After a little elbow grease and some paint, these secondhand finds became stars of the show.

The tuxedo bar


At one time, I think this cabinet held a radio. I found it via Craigslist one Sunday morning and had it back at my house by noon. Now drinks are served from this cabinet tuxedo style. See how I made it over here.

A glamorous dresser

Friends often call me when they are cleaning out their houses and find some piece they no longer want. This was the case with this dresser. The paint was chipping off it and a door was off its hinges, but it got a glamorous makeover with a bit of bright pink paint and a dark glaze. Find the tutorial here.

A roadside rescue

When I found this chair, it was missing its back two feet and sitting on the side of the road. Not being one to shy away from an ugly duckling, I pulled over with one of my friends, and we loaded it up in the back of my car. After a new upholstery job, a little work on the legs and some paint, it has a whole new look. See how it was done here.

A work cart turned table

I found this cart at a yard sale. The man there said he used to use it to work on his jet ski with. What I saw, though, was the perfect base for an industrial coffee table. This was actually a really simple project. Find out how simple here.

The 100-pound dresser

When I called my husband to come and help me load a dresser I had just purchased, he proclaimed that he would not be moving it again once it was in the house. It is that heavy. That dresser ended up being the perfect buffet for our dining room when you added a touch of navy to it. Find the tutorial for that makeover here.

If you need more furniture makeover ideas, you can browse through this gallery that’s full of just that.

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