Chattanooga companies Rapid RMS and Collider have beenaccepted into the Techstars Atlanta startup accelerator-two of 10 in the 2017 cohort.

Rapid RMS is a cloud-based point-of-sale system that helps businesses better manage their inventory and connect with similar businesses in the industry so they can get a better understanding of what sells, according to archives.

The Rapid RMS team did interviews with directors of Techstars Atlanta when they made trips for Nashville and Chattanooga road shows in March. Even after making trips to Atlanta and progressing through the selection process, the company ultimately wasn’t accepted.


“We moved on without giving much thought to how close we might have been to getting accepted,”Jason D. Lunawrote in a blog post about the selection process.

But when another business had to drop out, that opened a spot for Rapid RMS.

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Local startupColliderwill also be participating in the accelerator, which requires the companies’ leaders to stay in Atlanta during the three-month program.

The company is working on a prototype of a 3-D printer that can make objects out of metal.

Collider was recently highlighted in TechCrunch and placed in the publication’sStartup Battlefieldcompetition. Click here for more about the competition.

Collider’s printer, called Orchid, is available for preorder now and is compact, affordable and safe enough to use in offices or labs, also according to TechCrunch.

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