This weekend, the same local artist who created a cardboard tank that fired wildflowers will debut his latest creation: a 19-foot-long bicycle made from used exercise bikes on an extended motorcycle frame.

The Mobile Gym Ride-a-thon will be Saturday at noon. Everyone is invited to watch the bike in action and support charity along the way.

The ride will raise money for Playing to Live, a nonprofit that “works to meet the psychosocial and mental health needs in low-resource, high-trauma communities globally.”


The art bike ride will go from the Creative Discovery Museum at 321 Chestnut St. down Market Street, through Alton Park and onto Rossville Boulevard.

According to the Facebook event page, the ride will highlight the “need for and power of the arts in every community.” Each leg of the journey will be sponsored by individuals or businesses to raise funding for Playing to Live.

Pledge inquiries can be made at [email protected].

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Danny Reyes, creator of the bike, worked with volunteers and local businesses to turn four exercise bikes and a motorcycle frame into the creation he envisioned.

“I like to make things that will stick in people’s minds, the kinds of things that don’t make a lot of sense but make people happy when it catches them by surprise on the street,” Reyes said.

In March, Reyes teamed up with Creighton’s Wildflowers Design Studio in Rossville to create a cardboard tank shell for his 1995 Saab 900 S convertible. He and several volunteers rode around the city firing wildflowers from the working cannon as a way to promote the flower shop and spread a message of art and whimsy.

The bike was created at Creighton’s with the help of volunteers, but Reyes also worked with the owner of Kickstand Bicycles in St. Elmo, Jacob Salazar Jr. He also sought the expertise of art welder Chris Moore. The bike was created with anactual motorcycle front end and the help of Chattanooga Motorcycle Collective.

Reyes said he found the exercise bikes that make up the middle portion of the bike at the Red Bank Thrift Store.

Watch a video preview of the ride below, courtesy of Creighton’s.