Mayor Andy Berke announced Friday morning that he has selected Chattanooga native David Roddy to be the new chief of police.

After Berke introduced him, Roddy—who has been acting chief since Fred Fletcher’s retirement—detailed his lifelong desire to be a police officer.

“I knew I wanted to be a police officer from the time I was a kid,” he said. “I saw other kids being picked on; I saw stronger, bigger kids bullying kids who weren’t able to defend themselves … I knew then that the direction of my life was to help protect those that were unable to stand up for themselves.”

David Roddy will take over for Fred Fletcher as police chief. (Photo: Staff)

Roddy said he was humbled and honored to get the opportunity to lead an organization in the city where he was born and raised.

He plans to continue using a focused deterrent method to both respond to crime and prevent it.

Most recently, Roddy has been managing three assistant chiefs, eight captains and 18 lieutenants while having operational responsibility for more than 400 sworn officers and 100 nonsworn employees of the department, according to a news release.

“Over the past several years, Roddy has consistently taken on more responsibility through his demonstrated leadership and abilities, and has risen through the ranks of the Chattanooga Police Department,” Berke said. “Chattanooga is fortunate to retain a top talent whose tenacity in serving and protecting his community sets an example for the entire police force and which will help enhance the safety of all Chattanoogans.”

Roddy been with the department for 23 years and has worked his way up from patrol officer. He’s also served as captain of several divisions.

The mayor’s appointment of Roddy is subject to approval by City Council members, most of whom were at Friday morning’s news conference.

Watch Berke and Roddy discuss the new position more in the videos below. Roddy discusses plans for his new position and describes his personality and leadership skills.

Berke talks about what set Roddy apart from the other two candidates and about how the mayor’s office works with CPD.