Text Request is moving from the Shallowford Road area to the Southside. (Photo: Contributed)

After doubling its customer base, Chattanooga company Text Request recently moved into a new space on the Southside to accommodate for the business’ growth.

“The two big reasons [for the move] are we need space for growth, which is a great problem to have, and we wanted to be closer to the heartbeat of the city,” Kenneth Burke, Text Request marketing director, said via email. 

Text Request is an online business tool that lets consumers and businesses engage each other in real-time, two-way text conversations.


The business, which launched in 2015, has six employees but will soon be looking to increase that number. The team has moved into a space with The Mill, which is a wedding venue that also has office suites, at 1601 Gulf St., Suite 200.

The recent move comes with a new milestone, Burke also said. This time last year, the company celebrated its 1 millionth message. Less than a year later, the company has surpassed its 5 millionth message.

“The biggest reason for this growth is that we more than doubled our customer base in the last 12 months,” he said. 

Burke said that, unlike emails, which can be overlooked, people generally read their texts. The company allows business clients to manage texts as a team through a user-friendly dashboard, he also said.

The system allows businesses to follow up with customers about leads more efficiently and makes it easier to confirm and schedule appoints, as well as converse with customers, Burke said.

The small business is moving from Shallowford Road to the Southside space, and the team is eager to see the area’s continued growth, Burke said.

“This part of town has been going through an amazing transformation the past few years,” he said. “It’s been wonderful to watch, and it’s continually moving further down East Main. As a team of people all in love with Chattanooga, we’re excited to start seeing that transformation day by day from our office windows.”