If you have problems keeping your kids entertained on the weekends and don’t want to let them veg out in front of the television the whole time, why not get them involved in a little DIY project? Specifically one they will enjoy—because it’s about them! Here are four projects that your kiddos might just jump at the chance to complete.

You won’t believe how easy this lemonade stand is to make. (Photo: Jenna LaFevor)

Lemonade stand
This DIY lemonade stand is by far one of the easiest building-type projects I’ve ever done—it also kept my daughter occupied during our latest yard sale and taught her some valuable social and entrepreneurial skills. On top of that, she helped make it! Find out how simple this project is to complete here.


Personalized object and text feature wall
This project will add a touch of your child’s own unique personality to their room. Sit down with your kiddo and make a list of all the things that make them unique, along with their favorite things, etc.—then put it on the wall! Incorporate both vinyl text and actual objects. Find out how to create your own personalized feature wall here.

Headband holder
This project will of course not apply to everyone, but for those of you who have a kid with an assortment of headbands, it could be a fun project for your child, and one that also puts a bit of organization into their room. The best part is that you can make this headband holder with about $5 and in about an hour. The tutorial for this simple DIY project is here.

Let your kids choose their favorite glitter colors to make these lanterns. (Photo: Jenna LaFevor)

Glittered Mason jar lanterns
What kid doesn’t love tossing around a little glitter? I have to hide my glitter stash from my kid or she’d be into it every day. These glittered Mason jar lanterns are super-easy to make. Let your kids personalize them with their favorite glitter color. Get the how-to here.

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