The current front page of SoundCloud. (Screenshot: Staff)

The news came last week that SoundCloud—a popular audio sharing community—may collapse and disappear. 

According to various articles, founders are seeking “rescue funding” to keep afloat.

I’ve used SoundCloud for years as a way to cheaply share my stupid, improvised songs. Others—especially professional musicians and music labels—use the platform to reach new markets, release singles and control the way songs are heard.


If a collapse is imminent, you should probably start finding a new platform for your music uploading. There is a sea of options available, such as Bandcamp, YouTube and ReverbNation. Artists seem to enjoy a new site called Orfium that you’ll be hearing more and more about.

This week, I’ve decided to share my five favorite SoundCloud uploads. They’re all stupid; some of them are jingles and others are covers. The point is that SoundCloud offered (offers) a platform for me to share my stupidity. And for that, I’m grateful.

The classic coming-of-age song from Simon & Garfunkel is badly done, badly played and barely remembered in this cover. It makes me smile every time I hear it.

“Dinner Delivered”
A song from my “Chattanooga Jingles” series, I like this one because it goes dark from the first line and never stops. One of my favorite comedy tropes is doing normal things—like ordering food online—while something terrible is going on.

“The Christmas Boy”
I was tired and probably three drinks in when I started “The Christmas Boy.” I was channeling Chuck Prophet and Dave Alvin on this one. It was completely improvised, which you should be able to pick up on. I don’t practice anything before I hit record. The song takes a few weird turns and reflects more on my own psyche than I would like to admit.

“City Café”
This was one of the first songs for the “Chattanooga Jingles” series that I recorded. It’s an homage to the inimitable City Café. I messed up on a fact: Falafels are Middle Eastern, not Greek, as I say in the song. Several people have pointed that out over the years.

“Miranda’s Adult Store”
This is one of my favorite jingles I’ve written. I’m proud of this one.

Bonus: “Fishing” (or “How God Created Man”)
First, Greg and I found a chord progression and then we keyed the mic. What followed was a one-take song uploaded with all the bumps and screwups.

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